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VR vs. Data

It has suddenly dawned on me as I begin to write this that the title makes it sound like I’m going to be laying down the law – or should that be Lore? – on Brent Spiner this week on… Continue Reading →

Dimension Launches Partner Programme For VR, AR and MR

As an increasing amount of realism is demanded by audiences for virtual reality (VR) and other immersive media, volumetric 3D capture is becoming appealing to many content creators. To further these ambitions, state-of-the-art capture studio Dimension is launching a partner… Continue Reading →

Volumetric Capture Studio Dimension Launches Partner Programme

Last year we took a tour of Dimension, an amazing new volumetric capture studio that utilizes Microsoft’s Mixed Reality Capture tech, located in London. The facility is designed to make realistic 3D performance capture accessible to everyone. Today, the studio… Continue Reading →

VR Sci-Fi Comedy Bro Bots Premiers At Tribeca

British-based virtual reality (VR) content studio Breaking Fourth have launched a new scripted sci-fi comedy series called Bro Bots at the Tribeca Film Festival this week, with the first episode forming part of Samsung’s VR Video Pilot Season. Bro Bots… Continue Reading →

Hellfire Is A Multiplayer Update For Mech Combat Game Archangel Coming This June

What’s the only possible thing that could ever be better than piloting a mech and blowing stuff up? Well, not being locked to an on-rails only experience is a good start, but after that it’s gotten be throwing in more… Continue Reading →

Ready Player One Film Passes $500 Million Worldwide

Ready Player One, the Steven Spielberg film based on Ernest Cline’s 2011 novel of the same name, is a veritable success having now earned over $500 million globally. Nearly half of that comes from China alone, sitting at over $200… Continue Reading →

8 Circuit Studios Looks To Create Connected Digital Metaverse

The transparent, distributed nature of blockchain and its ability to track transactions and objects across vast networks has opened up possibilities in many industries, with several in the immersive technology space already beginning to take advantage. One of these is… Continue Reading →

Yulio Technologies Launch First VR For Interior Design Course

Leading provider of virtual reality (VR) for technologies for architecture and design, Yulio Technologies, has announced a new training course that is officially registered with the Interior Design Continuing Education Council (IDCEC) for Continuing Education Units (CEUs). The course titled “The New… Continue Reading →

Samsung Launches Six Indie VR Projects

Six indie VR projects are now available on the Samsung VR Video service via the Oculus store. The debut episodes are the product of a new program from Samsung looking to fund indie filmmakers while encouraging them to use the 360… Continue Reading →

Trailer and Release Date for The Exorcist: Legion VR – Chapter 4 Revealed

When it comes to iconic horror film franchises various ones spring to mind. The likes of A Nightmare on Elm Street, Halloween, Hellraiser, Saw, Scream have all continued to have a devoted following over the years. Saw is, of course,… Continue Reading →

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