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Sony Patents Reveal Possible Cancelled PSVR Glove Controller

New patents from Sony give us a slightly better look at its work prototyping a glove controller for its PlayStation VR (PSVR) headset. Earlier this year we reported that Sony had looked into a glove controller for PSVR but ultimately… Continue Reading →

Airbnb’s VR And AR Plans Will Let You Visit A Home Before Renting It

Airbnb, a service now used worldwide for renting apartments and homes for overnight stays, is looking to VR and AR to help revolutionize its business. Yesterday the company hinted at plans to incorporate VR and AR into its service to… Continue Reading →

Climax Studios VR Collection Heading to Pico Headsets

Though much attention has been directed towards the upcoming standalone virtual reality (VR) headsets from Oculus and HTC Vive, the existing standalone Pico headsets have been somewhat neglected. This might change with the announcement that Climax Studios are bringing their… Continue Reading →

Resident Evil 7 biohazard Gold Edition Out Now

Resident Evil 7 biohazard has been one of the biggest success stories on the PlayStation VR, with many players proclaiming it as a return to form for the series and it served as the introduction to modern virtual reality (VR)…. Continue Reading →

Review: Fallout 4 VR

So it’s time for Bethesda Game Studios’ final major virtual reality (VR) release of 2017, and it’s a big one: Fallout 4 VR. Previously the developer has released The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR and DOOM VFR, both of which… Continue Reading →

Fallout 4 VR Review: Dropping The HMD-Bomb

There aren’t many games I’ve played more than Fallout 4, so you might think I was over it when Bethesda announced it was bringing the wasteland to virtual reality last year. Well, you’d be wrong. I was sooooo excited to… Continue Reading →

Here’s How To Get Fallout 4 VR Working On Oculus Rift

Fallout 4 VR, arguably the biggest VR game of the year, is now out on the HTC Vive. But Oculus Rift fans need not fear; the game does indeed work on your headset of choice thanks to SteamVR support. However,… Continue Reading →

Fallout 4 VR Works On Oculus Rift With Stable SteamVR Build

Fallout 4 VR is here to give HTC Vive owners access to hundreds of hours of VR content. But can you play it on an Oculus Rift + Touch? The good news is that, technically, Fallout 4 VR does indeed… Continue Reading →

Fallout 4 VR Gamepad Support Coming Post-Launch

Fallout 4 VR doesn’t actually work with a gamepad connected to your PC. During our time reviewing the game we’ve been unable to successfully use the Xbox One gamepad to play it. When a controller is connected you can perform… Continue Reading →

Project LUX Illuminating PlayStation VR in 2018

Virtual reality (VR) visual novel Project Lux made its PC debut back in March of this year as a HTC Vive exclusive title, via Steam Early Access. Following a positive reception, publisher Sekai Project has today confirmed that Project Lux… Continue Reading →

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