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Creed: Rise To Glory Won’t Support Cross-Play On PSVR

Survios’ Creed: Rise to Glory finally steps into the ring today, though it’s missing a key feature on Sony’s PlayStation VR (PSVR) headset. Last week we reported that the VR boxing game was getting an online player vs player mode,… Continue Reading →

The Walking Dead: Our World Reveals Revenue Success

When it comes to augmented reality (AR) videogames, most people will immediately think of Niantic’s Pokemon Go. That may be set to change, as initial revenue numbers for Next Games’ The Walking Dead: Our World reveal a promising start. According… Continue Reading →

Duke Nukem 3D Is Getting The VR Treatment Via A Fan-Made Mod

Duke Nukem’s biggest rival, Serious Sam, has embraced VR with open, overly-muscular arms, but where is Duke’s own VR game? With a little help from a fan and Sam himself, it’s getting there. Serious Duke 3D is a partial remake… Continue Reading →

VR vs. No Cause For A Llama

There is but one videogames related event I always attend each year.  That’s not through my choice but it’s what seems to be the way the dice have landed. I don’t go anywhere else. We’ve discussed this in this column… Continue Reading →

To Boldly Go… to the Toilet in VR Flush

There are a number of humorous and satirical virtual reality (VR) experiences available, with titles such as Job Simulator and Rick & Morty: Virtual Rick-ality being two of the most famous. German developer Brudingo Team seeks to join these titles… Continue Reading →

Mysterious Unknown Pokémon Appears In Pokémon Go

Those who are familiar with Pokémon’s history and fandom will know that in the early days of titles like Pokémon Red, Blue and Yellow, many rumours and legends spread through school yards, playgrounds and sometimes university campuses and workplaces about… Continue Reading →

Community Download: What Do You Expect From Oculus Connect 5?

Community Download is a weekly discussion-focused articles series published every Monday in which we pose a single, core question to you all, our readers, in the spirit of fostering discussion and debate. Alright folks, it’s finally (almost) time for Oculus Connect… Continue Reading →

GIVEAWAY: Win A Free Copy Of Creed: Rise To Glory On Steam For Rift Or Vive

Get your hand wraps and virtual boxing gloves ready because I just heard the bell ring and it’s time to get ready to fight! Creed: Rise To Glory releases tomorrow, September 25th, for PSVR, Rift, and Vive and we’ve got… Continue Reading →

Alaska Airlines Begins Offering VR Movies on Some Flights

For many people, travelling by air is not a pleasant experience. It is often cramped, crowded and uncomfortable. As a result, the use of virtual reality (VR) to escape from the pressurised environment inside the aircraft cabin is on the… Continue Reading →

Krikey Launches Multiplayer AR Title

For some time now, iPhone and iPad users have been able to download the Krikey app to enjoy a range of augmented reality (AR) mini-games, such as the recent Shark Week title which was introduced during the Discovery Channel Shark… Continue Reading →

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