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Learn To Dance With New VR Title Salsa-Virtual

Developer Dance-Virtual have revealed their new virtual reality (VR) title that is designed to help users learn how to dance by teaching them Salsa step-by-step. Called Salsa-Virtual, the title is designed to help users learn how to dance by teaching… Continue Reading →

The Biggest Rift, Vive and Windows VR Releases Of The Week 09/23/18

Oculus Connect might have stolen the headlines this week but there’s still a pretty healthy selection of new releases for PC VR headsets. Creed: Rise to Glory, from Survios Price: $29.99 (Rift, Vive) The latest game from Sprint Vector developer… Continue Reading →

Overwatch-Inspired VR Hero Shooter Conjure Strike Hits Steam With Free Weekend

Conjure Strike just released in Early Access on Steam with support for Rift and Vive and will feature cross-play with users on Oculus Home. For the launch, it’s free for everyone to download and play on both platforms over the… Continue Reading →

Final Assault Hands-On: Become A Conductor Of War In This VR RTS Meets MOBA

There really haven’t been a whole lot of good VR strategy games. It’s a bit surprising because when they’re done well (Brass Tactics, AirMech Command) they seem to fit the platform like a glove. Pointing to where you want units… Continue Reading →

Watch Valve’s Knuckles EV3 Controllers Get Unboxed

The next iteration of Valve’s Knuckles VR controllers are now arriving on developer’s doorsteps, and Climbey developer Brian Lindenhof is providing his typically dependable first look at them. Lindenhof, who also gave us a glimpse of earlier Knuckles controllers being… Continue Reading →

Predator-Esque VR Shooter Primordian Gets Four New Levels, Much More Coming

Well the most recent Predator film might have been a bit of a disappointment but the good news is you can forget all about it with a healthy dose of new Primordian content. Developer Stonepunk Studios this month launched the… Continue Reading →

OC5: Tennis Scramble Quest Hands-On: VR Gets Its Own Wii Sports Tennis

During the OC5 day one keynote, I was most excited to see Superhot VR confirmed for the Oculus Quest. When I played it, I was blown away and honestly felt like it was the ideal way to play the game… Continue Reading →

Space Junkies Hands-On: Unreal Tournament In Zero-G VR

I’m a simple man. I like zooming around in space, I like shooting stuff, and I like VR. Space Junkies is a game that combines all of these things with the polish of a AAA title directly from Ubisoft and… Continue Reading →

OC5: Superhot VR On Oculus Quest Feels Like The Way It Was Always Meant To Be Played

Every time I’ve played Superhot VR in the past, it has always been a bit bittersweet. On the one hand, the game’s levels are slick, clean, and wide open in a way that few VR games are. On Rift, Vive,… Continue Reading →

Oculus Quest Hands-On Impressions: This Could Be The VR Headset For Everyone

Facebook promoted its Oculus Connect 5 conference that kicked off yesterday as a look at “the future of VR.” After spending all afternoon trying four different demos on the upcoming Oculus Quest standalone 6DOF headset, I feel inclined to agree…. Continue Reading →

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