Recently developer Schell Games revealed that virtual reality (VR) spy-themed puzzle title I Expect You To Die passed $3 million (USD) in revenue. Now the developers behind the title have announced that it is launching a special weekly contest for players.

In I Expect You To Die players take the role of a secret agent, who need to use ingenuity and quick thinking to solve puzzles and escape from nefarious traps set by the evil Dr. Zor. With the announcement of the contest, players have a chance to win a $100 Mastercard Gift Card.

To enter the contest, players will need to take on a series of mini-missions that will involve gathering achievements associated with each of the levels in the title. By using a specific hashtag which will be released by the developers for each week, players can post screenshots, GIFs or images of themselves on Facebook or Twitter in order to complete the mission for that week.

Any player who shares the achievements can then get an entry in a weekly draw, and one player will be randomly selected every Friday throughout October in order to receive the gift card prize. The contest restarts each week,