Though not exclusively tied to the PlayStation VR, the cute little ‘Astro Bot’ alien-robot-things who were previously found on the Playroom VR launch compilation have become to de-facto mascots for Sony’s virtual reality (VR) system. Now they are embarking on their own videogame adventure.

Astro Bot Rescue Mission is a platform title, which on the PlayStation VR automatically invites comparisons with Moss. Indeed, Astro Bot Rescue Mission shares some of the cute and charm of Moss, but instead of the storybook fantasy of Moss, complete with its hints of darkness and peril, Astro Bot Rescue Mission heads in something of a different direction.

All the controls are handled using the Dual Shock 4 controller, which makes perfect sense for a platforming title. There are some fairly tight jumps that need to be made from fairly early on, and the controls are pleasantly responsive. The 360-degree world also means it is easier to judge angle and distance that might be expected from a platform title, which in turn improves the gameplay flow. As you progress you pick up additional items which each have their own button on the controller to activate them, such as the hook shot and water