Sinespace is looking to create the big massively multiplayer online (MMO) sandbox experience for virtual reality (VR) where users will be able to live out a virtual life full of excitement and wonder. To help make this ambitious project possible the company has announced that it is launching a Certified Creators Program in an effort to help boost the creation of user-generated for the Sinespace.

The company are aiming to make the title standout from others in the market – such as the popular Second Life from Linden Lab – thanks to the project being able to change with the times. This includes new technology and graphics rendering to stop the title from become dated, keeping it fresh and appealing to users.

Second Life is still running on a renderer that was written in 2002,” Said Adam Frisby, the chief technology officer at Sinespace talking to Venture Beat. “We are trying to build a virtual world that is future proof. The goal of what we are doing is to make it accessible to everyone.”

The team are building the title on the Unity engine and have been working on it since 2010, and are aiming to extend compatibility and