One of the most anticipated virtual reality (VR) videogames of the year is easily the upcoming Astro Bot: Rescue Mission from Sony Japan Studio. In this title players will get to experience not only cute robots on a grand adventure but also go up against some massive bosses. It is these characters that the latest behind-the-scenes trailer for the title explores as it gives players a better look at some of the bosses they will face and the design that went into making them and their encounter fun.

In the new trailer Nicolas Doucet, Creative Director at Sony Japan Studio sits down with members of the team to explore what makes these big bad bosses so unique. They are a very important part of Astro Bot: Rescue Mission and, as Doucet explains, “a very important in action games, in fact they are your motivation for playing the game in some extent.” These encounters with the massive bosses need to not only look and sound amazing but also feel fun to play. With a number of different gameplay systems in the title, ensuring each boss felt unique and different was a main focus for the team.

“I realized it was