HTC Files Tradmark For HTC Vive Eclipse In Europe

Last month evidence emerged that the upcoming standalone headset based on the HTC Vive would be called the HTC Vive Focus, based on information gathered from a Trademark application. Now further information has come to light regarding another HTC Trademark… Continue Reading →

8K VR Panoramic Camera Coming Soon from Detu

As virtual reality (VR) and 360-degree video becomes more popular and more accessible, the technology that powers those experiences is also changing, to offer clearer, higher-quality picture. This in turn fuels demand for high-quality cameras to record better experiences. To… Continue Reading →

Adobe’s Project SonicScape Visualizes Audio For Easier 360 Editing

Adobe previewed a concept it is working on that would make it easier for creators working on VR videos to place and align sound. Producing high-quality 360-degree video content has traditionally been a difficult affair at all stages of production,… Continue Reading →

Rubin On Oculus Privacy Concerns: ‘Nobody Wants User Camera Information’

Since it joined Facebook in 2014, people have had concerns that Rift maker Oculus might become a tool for data mining and digging up deeper, more sensitive points about a user’s private life. Now with the introduction of Dash, a… Continue Reading →

Dark Souls-Inspired Left-Hand Path Leaving Steam Early Access Next Month

In what seems to be a running trend of early access titles from 2016 seeing full releases recently – both Raw Data and Space Pirate Trainer have had 1.0 updates, today Strange Company has announced that its Dark Souls-inspired, spell casting… Continue Reading →

Jaunt VR Releases Experimental Experience Through You

Award-winning filmmaker and dancer Lily Baldwin and Emmy award-winning director Saschka Unseld (Henry , Dear Angelica) have created an experimental virtual reality (VR) experience Through You which Jaunt has announced is now available through its app. Filled with saturated colors, a bold… Continue Reading →

IBM Watson Prepare for the Future of VR and AR with VR Speech Sandbox

VRFocus speak to Michael Ludden, Program Director and Senior Production Manager of IBM Watson about VR Speech Sandbox and the future of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) interactions. Ludden used to work on user based solutions for developers… Continue Reading →

Fujitsu Has A Windows-Based VR Headset Too

The first Windows-based VR headsets running on Microsoft’s new Mixed Reality platform are now shipping out, but there’s more on the way. We already knew that Samsung would be releasing its Windows VR device next month (though not in Europe)… Continue Reading →

Lifeliqe Wants To Turn Schools Into VR Development Centers

Educational immersive technology company Lifeliqe is looking to turn schools and their students into VR development centers. The company today announced a partnership with K-12 education, giving students the ability to create content in the Unity engine and publish that… Continue Reading →

Oculus Connect 4 – Retention and Building Relationships

Oculus Connect was a big event full of big announcements, such as the Oculus Go and Santa Cruz, but big announcements were just part of what was happening at the event. There were also several presentations talking about important topics… Continue Reading →

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