‘Fear Factory’ Haunted House Embraces VR For A Terrifying Immersive Experience

SUTUWERLD Is A Look Into Four Fantastic Worlds Made In Tilt Brush [VIDEO]

The Largest Pilgrimage In The World, Captured in VR [Q&A]

Kaleidoscope Summer Showcase Vol. 1 – San Francisco To Showcase the Art and Science of VR

At the start of September Kaleidoscope held its first Summer Showcase Vol. 1 in London, UK. The event is part of a global series of shows for virtual reality (VR) creators and serious enthusiasts that explores the art and science… Continue Reading →

Hands-On: Oasis Games’ PS VR Launch Line-Up Promises a Variety of Fun and Frights

Grids face mesh issue in next OpenSim release

OpenSim developers are getting ready to release OpenSim 0.9.0, and some grids are already experimenting with the new features by downloading the experimental version of the new release — and they are running into some…

Minecraft’s Boss Update Allows Gear VR Owners to Use Xbox One Controllers

Getting world building title Minecraft on Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear VR was a boon for both platforms as the videogame has a massive worldwide following. Next month developer Mojang will be releasing its next update, titled ‘Boss’, and Gear… Continue Reading →

This High-Speed Simulator Suspended From Cables Looks Like So Much Fun

The most immersive virtual reality experience is still going to feel fake with your body plopped motionless in a chair. Adding motion into the mix, through the use of a simulator, greatly increases the realism of the experience—particularly if it… Continue Reading →

Conquer the Kraken on SeaWorld’s New VR Roller Coaster

HTC Vive’s Serious Sam VR: The Last Hope Gets A Release Date

If you like your first-person shooters (FPS) big, bombastic and tongue-in-cheek then Serious Sam has been there to cater to gamers needs. At the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) inde Croatian videogame developer Croteam revealed Serious Sam VR: The Last Hope… Continue Reading →

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