Preorders Now Open For Insta360’s 8K VR Camera

China’s Insta360 has announced it is taking preorders for its Insta360 Pro 8K professional virtual reality camera, the Insta360 Pro, as part of its ambitions to raise the bar for 360-degree VR films. The company originally announced the 6-lens camera at… Continue Reading →

Oculus co-founder Palmer Luckey resurfaces, refutes Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak comments

The founder of Oculus, Palmer Luckey, quietly slipped back onto the public stage this week after a tumultuous year that ended with his departure from Facebook in March.  First, Luckey appeared on Twitter on Wednesday, after months of silence, using… Continue Reading →

Atlas Is A Fast-Moving VR Sci-Fi Adventure From The Soap Collective

Several months back, we introduced you to three young artists with a passion for maximizing what can be achieved through virtual reality artistry. That group is known as the Soap Collective — an enclave of forward thinking creatives working in this… Continue Reading →

Google Daydream gets new Space Shooter with Polaris

Space-based games are popular in virtual reality (VR) both as realistic simulation titles and for more arcade-based action titles. New Google Daydream title Polaris takes aim for the second category to bring arcade space shooter action to the platform. The… Continue Reading →

Kathryn Bigelow’s VR Debut Can Be Seen At Tribeca Film Festival Starting Today

World renowned publications like TIME Inc haven’t been shy about embracing VR and 360-degree video for their newest content, and rightfully so. The immersive storytelling platform opens doors for interesting and emotionally impactful content. The work of park rangers is… Continue Reading →

The Making of Resident Evil 7 Part 3 and 4 are Available

Parts three and four of the popular series of videos discussing all the behind-the-scenes work that went on to bring Resident Evil 7 Biohazard to life have now been released by developer Capcom. Part three goes into details about adapting… Continue Reading →

IMAX LA VR Theater Sees 20,000 Visitors, New Location Coming To New York

IMAX is continuing to explore location-based virtual reality as a compliment to its large-screen cinema experiences. As part of its quarterly earnings call, IMAX provided an update on its VR efforts. The company explained that its recently opened VR center in… Continue Reading →

This week in VR Sport: The NBA introduces AR and Running in 360

Welcome to the weekend, time for relaxing, gardening and looking at what has happened in the world of virtual reality (VR) and sports over the past week. This week basketball and athletics get to take centre stage – or centre… Continue Reading →

Field in View: How Daydream Made A Home For VR’s Most Obscure Gems

I’ve shown Google Daydream a lot of tough love over the past six months. The search engine giant’s promise of a vast, expansive mobile VR ecosystem where plenty of phones could be paired with an exciting new headset and intuitive… Continue Reading →

Palmer Luckey Returns to Social Media; Reveals RPG Videogame Development

It’s been a rough few months for Oculus Rift creator Palmer Luckey. Having suffered a backlash to the public outing of his support for Nimble America – an initiative that backed Donald Trump’s presidential election campaign by way of memes… Continue Reading →

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