Upcoming LG V30 Smartphone Might Have Google Daydream Support

Since the start of 2017 electronics manufacturer LG have taken an interest in virtual reality (VR). There have been indications that LG are partnering with Valve, perhaps to make a new version of the Vive headset, and new information now… Continue Reading →

Experimental iPhone App Uses AR To Suspend Your Images In Mid-Air

Apple and augmented reality have both been mentioned in conversation a few times, most recently in our report on a new patent for Light Field AR. Now there’s a conversation about Apple AR of a different flavor due to a creator’s… Continue Reading →

Heatmaps: A directorial and brand engagement tool for VR films.

GazeMaps as a Directorial tool in VR: Youtube has been pioneering video based VR more than any other platform. As of now, it’s safe to say they are way ahead of other VR video players such as Vimeo, Jwplayer and Brightcove…. Continue Reading →

Google Expeditions Rolls Out For Everyone

Google have been offering virtual reality (VR) field trips to students with the Google Cardboard and the Expeditions app for quite some time, allowing students to visit landmarks such as the Taj Mahal, or see famous objects such as Michangelo’s… Continue Reading →

5 Essential Tips For Surviving Superhot VR

Superhot VR does not love you. It wants to hurt you, beat you, break you, and grind you down into the hardened combat veteran that you’ll need to embody to survive. With the hit VR combat game finally arriving on… Continue Reading →

daystAR is Lenovo’s New Concept Design For An AR Headset

Lenovo is clearly hungry to make its mark in VR and AR; the company’s just announced a new AR headset, making it the fourth head-mounted display we’ve seen from it so far this year. daystAR, as the device is called,… Continue Reading →

BoboVR takes on Daydream

BoboVR Z5. (Image courtesy BoboVR.) The first set of Daydream View clones have hit the market, and I just got one of them in the mail – the BoboVR Z5. Disclosure: I received the BoboVR Z5 free from GeekBuying, where… Continue Reading →

Casey Hudson Leaves Microsoft MR To Rejoin BioWare

Casey Hudson is a name known to fans of BioWare’s videogames. The director of the famous Mass Effect trilogy, and going further back, he also worked on iconic titles such as Baldur’s Gate II, Neverwinter Nights and Star Wars: Knights… Continue Reading →

Echo Arena Review: Ready at Dawn Delivers VR’s First Amazing Esport

We’ve written about Echo Arena multiple times. We had our first hands-on preview back at Oculus Connect 3 (OC3) when it was just a multiplayer mode within Lone Echo, an otherwise single player game, and then saw it again at… Continue Reading →

Lone Echo Review: A New Kind Of Space Odyssey

Isaac Asimov, Arthur C. Clarke and H.G. Wells could only dream of the words they envisioned when they began penning sci-fi classics. Some of those would come to life inside our TV screens and movie theaters in the decades that… Continue Reading →

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