Anonymous Sources Tell Bloomberg That Apple Wants To Evolve With AR

Industry professionals and tech enthusiasts always keep their ears to the pavement for any potential ripples from one of the big companies and even the smallest drop from Apple can send waves across multiple markets and publications. Many wondered if… Continue Reading →

Capcom Release Resident Evil 7 Behind-the-Scenes Video

Capcom, the makers of the survival horror series Resident Evil have released the first in a series of videos called The Making of Resident Evil 7 biohazard. The four-part video series will contain exclusive footage and interviews with members of… Continue Reading →

Vive Cat Tracker Video Shows Purrrfect Use Of New Add-On In Action

Last week we reported on a rather purffect application for Vive’s new Tracker. Indie developer Triangular Pixels is using the device to keep tabs on their pet cats, thus not bumping into them when wearing a headset. Today, we’ve got… Continue Reading →

UploadVR is Looking for a Social Media Growth Manager

We’re looking for someone who’s equal parts fun and business to help us grow UploadVR’s digital presence. The ideal candidate is someone who knows how to grow a brand, can talk to anyone, has an analytical mind, is comfortable on… Continue Reading →

Cloudhead Games Reveal Story Details for The Gallery: Episode 2 – Heart of the Emberstone

There are a few constants in the this world. For example: The Legend of Zelda is basically perfect always, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches never sound like a bad idea, the VR community will never not ask for more AAA… Continue Reading →

Obduction from Myst Creator Gets Long-Awaited Vive and Touch Support

Cyan Studios, creator of legendary PC games Myst and Riven, is officially releasing an update today ot bring its first ever virtual reality (VR) title, Obduction, to more platforms. The Myst successor originally debuted as a timed exclusive for the Oculus… Continue Reading →

IKinema Introduces Inexpensive Motion Capture Technology

Animation studio IKinema have unveiled a new type of motion capture, or mocap technology that uses commercially available virtual reality (VR) hardware that aims to make motion capture and body tracking accessible and affordable for everyone. The new system, which IKinema… Continue Reading →

Preview: SingSpace – No need to sing in the shower, just warble your heart out in VR

Karaoke is one of those past times that people either love or loath. It’s one of those great unifiers no matter who you are, young or old, where people gather round a karaoke machine at home, or head out to… Continue Reading →

Blade & Soul: Table Arena Was Not The Game I Was Expecting It To Be

At first glance, I thought Blade & Soul: Table Arena was doing everything it possibly could to repel me. NCSoft’s VR debut is based on an MMO that I’m told is hugely popular over in Korea. It’s also billed as… Continue Reading →

Water-Types Aplenty, As Global Water Festival Comes To Pokémon GO

Niantic, the developers behind popular augmented reality (AR) mobile game Pokémon GO, have announced that the game is getting a tweak in the form of the Global Water Festival. From 1pm (PDT) Pokémon GO users will be more likely to encounter water-type… Continue Reading →

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